Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lady Vile

Here are a few things from this week at Dr Sketchy's... the lovely Lady Vile greatly enjoyed seeing her mice friends and I greatly enjoyed seeing Jeremy! I won a new sketchbook (always useful) and was having an overall fun & fantastic time when a challenge involving attack monkeys arrived and put the night to quite a dramatic end.  

In other news... here is a small commission... apparently it's a church in Finland. 


Jeremy Enecio said...

yaay! it was awesome seeing you there Annika! also, that church painting is awesome. you have a ridiculous amount of control over the brush. have fun in NY! :)

Duncan Barton said...

Annika, the rendering in your illustrations is fantastic! The church and the comic's characters- impeccable work. I like how the labored drawings look great yet your quick sketches from Dr. Sketchy's have lots of character and are designed very well. Keep it up!