Saturday, March 7, 2009

bank robbers

For my narrative illustration class we had to write a first person account of a bank robbery... These are two illustrations from my story which starts by looking back on  the relationship of a brother and sister playing cops and robbers as kids and how the brother's aggressive behavior as a kid foreshadows how the real robbery will turn out later on. The first one shows the sister firing a warning shot in the bank & the second is her as a kid hiding from the cops (mom) under the porch. Both are small (7x10in) acrylic paintings with an oil wash and a little colored pencil on the girl hiding. 

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Yulia Makarova said...

I like the way your art is progressing and the message you are sending to emerging bank robbers. I've heard the last trend in our risky business is to wear a scuba mask and being very polite while passing robbery requests.