Monday, August 31, 2009

The Lonesome Boatman

This is a drawing inspired by The Fureys song "The Lonesome Boatman," in which I focused on mood. Below is my thumbnail to work out composition & a reference photo I shot of my Dad for the figure, the background was invented based on general research rather than any direct reference. I did the illustration for the monthly challenge on the Visual Literacy Program site that I'm thrilled to be a part of - it's a great interactive online resource put together by the Illustration Academy and is helping to keep me in touch & inspired from the other side of the world!

Also if you are anywhere near Virginia make sure to check out Sterling Hundley's solo show opening this week. I've had the pleasure of learning from Sterling & have been watching the exhibition progress on the blog Sterling Clinton Hundley. I know the show will be amazing, I wish I could come back to America & see it in person!


Carly said...

It looks great, you really captured the mood! And the water came out really well.

Do academy students get a discount on the VLP? I'm DYING to join but I'm afraid because of my job I won't have much time to take advantage of it right now... so it's a little expensive.

Hope you're well!

a.i.m. said...

Your too amazing lady!!! The detail is so beautiful I get lost in it....