Monday, May 10, 2010

liquid bodies, floating worlds

Hello :) This is the inside/outside print from the lithographic stone I showed in the last post, I was really happy with how the drawing translated to print in this one. I'm now working on a second stone so that I can try adding a subtle second colour (probably a red underneath the black) in another version of this print.

This is my first mezzotint, which was challenging in that I had to physically roughen the copper plate using a tool called a rocker to create a surface that prints black before scraping and burnishing to smooth out the areas that I wanted to print light. I made the image up as I went along mainly to test out the process, but still focusing on mysterious organic forms. I'm planning to do some more of these as I do think that the process gives quite a unique quality to the image and I like the idea of things emerging from/dissolving into the darkness! Below are some graphite drawings in progress.


Carly said...

Very cool! I did a mezzotint once. The rocking is maddening, but you can get some really interesting and soft effects that are unique to that technique.

Laura Jannika said...

It is good to see beautiful prints. I did mezzotints many years ago. I look forward to seeing more of your work.