Saturday, June 12, 2010


Work in progress:
top - stack of sandblasted perspex sheets
bottom - watercolour on paper, resin, glass petri dish


Yulia Makarova said...

My darling Annika! Love your prints: mezzotint is my favorite, while your litho prints are very impressive. Rocking plates and lifting litho stones around premises is the way to go Hope all is well in sunny Australia
don't know what kind of material it is (perspex?)but it looks very cool. Are you planning to print from that relative of plexi or its going to be an installation piece?

Annika said...

Hey Yulia, thanks! I'm glad you can appreciate the joys of printmaking :) Australia is good, family and friends are doing well & excited for a couple of little trips coming up. Sorry Perspex is just an Australian name for plexiglass, the sandblasting does give an interesting effect when printed, but these will be displayed as an object with the sheets making a block that stands upright, lit from below - I will post some pictures soon.