Sunday, February 6, 2011

JUMP Mentorship

I am excited and fortunate to be part of the JUMP National Mentoring Program for 2011. This week I attended the program induction in Brisbane where I met an incredibly talented and diverse group of young Australian artists from a range of artforms (eg. visual art, theatre, dance, literature, music). I am especially looking forward to working with my mentor Robin Eley. I was first introduced to Robin and his work during the Illustration Academy program in 2008 and have since grown to know and admire him as an artist, illustrator and all-round amazing person. 

In the last month Robin has assisted me in revising and improving the storyboard and manuscript for Autumn Leaves an original picture book that I will be completing during the mentorship with funding from the Australia Council for the Arts. Autumn Leaves tells the story of a girl who lives beneath an Autumn tree where she witnesses the beauty of nature and comes to terms with the changing seasons. I am interested in creating a story that is simple and visually engaging for children, but which offers adults the opportunity to contemplate a more symbolic experience of wonder and change. Autumn Leaves will initially be produced as a limited edition hand-bound book that I plan to present alongside an exhibition of the original graphite and watercolour drawings at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Manuka) in October 2011. Below is a new illustration for the book:

Those of you that have been looking at my work for a while may remember some of the first illustrations for this book and, although there are many more drawings to go, it feels great to follow through on  a project I feel passionate about. Those of you who have been looking at my more recent gallery work may be interested to learn that I also enjoy writing, illustrating and visual storytelling. However, whether it is picture books or printmaking that interests you most I will be sharing plenty of both in the coming months!

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