Sunday, March 20, 2011

picture book process

As I continue to work on my picture book as part of the JUMP mentoring program I hope to share some more insights into my process. So far the most valuable part of the mentorship has been a critique of my original storyboard, which allowed me to realise the importance of looking at the story in a broader sense - not only making sure that each individual page is a well composed image, but that each page contributes to the flow and feel of the story as a whole. Once I was happy with the revisions I scanned them in, used photoshop to roughly indicate areas of colour before printing a copy of the storyboard, cutting it up and making a simple mock-up of the book (above). The mock up is only tiny @ 5 x 8cm, but has been really useful in helping to visualise my final goal and keeping me on task with the larger, more detailed illustrations (below).

watercolour, 33 x 43cm


Kelene said...

I love the idea of you doing a picture book. Your work is already so amazing, detailed, intricate, each piece like a good story. So I bet this project will be amazing. (And that watercolor leaf... mind blowing!)

Annika said...

thanks as always for your amazing support and inspiration Kelene :)