Monday, April 4, 2011


lithograph printed in 2 colours from 2 stones, 56 x 76 cm

Here is another lithograph that I have worked on during my residency at Megalo print studio. For those who are interested I've included some photos of my initial drawing on the lithographic stone as well as separate proofs from the two stones. I continue to be inspired by the infinite visual possibilities offered by small found objects with the basis for this shifting landscape stemming from a seashell rotated in my hand and a crumpled plastic bag that was lying around the studio. The faults and facets that I observed in the plastic bag brought back memories of my trip to Fox Glacier in New Zealand last year and provided a ground from which the drawing could emerge. 

drawing on 1st lithographic stone

black and white print from 1st stone 
(dark red top layer of 2 colour print)

red print from 2nd stone 
(bottom layer of 2 colour print)

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