Tuesday, April 26, 2011

hasta luego!

Today I am leaving for Spain for a tour of art, culture & inspiration made possible by the Embassy of Spain's Torres Travelling Scholarship. I am super excited and looking forward to an amazing experience! I may or may not be able to post an update while I'm away, but I will definitely tell you all about it when I return in a couple of months. In the meantime here are some more prints from my time at Megalo. Best wishes to all :)

lithograph, 56 x 76 cm

soft-ground etching, 20cm diameter (from a series of works in progress)


Kelene said...

Safe trip! Enjoy yourself and take it all in! Yay Spain!!!

Melissa said...

Beautiful work and have an amazing time! I can't wait to see what inspiring stories you will bring back with you

Annika said...

Thanks guys! so far it has been fantastic & really inspiring!