Friday, July 15, 2011

Spain (part 6)

Shangaan Electro @ CA2M Picnic Sessions

I love CA2M! Also known as Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, a fantastic contemporary art museum in the suburbs of Madrid. I had the privilege of meeting with the very welcoming director, looking at an unusual and fascinating exhibition "Experimental Station"about a favourite interest of mine (art & science), and also attending an outrageous/awesome concert on the rooftop by a visiting South African band Shangaan Electro (check out the video)! 

The artworks of Experimental Station were connected by a playful, curious exploration of science at its most impossible/magical, focusing on the handmade rather than the high-tech. 

Luis Bisbe, "Despectaculo", 2011

In Luis Bisbe's clever and provoking work "Despectaculo" the artist cut a rectangular hole in the wall of the gallery and used the material from the wall to make a chair, creating a frame through which to contemplate the unseen interior of the gallery.

In terms of subject and medium I most connected to the work of Ilana Halperin's beautiful drawings and diaries, which accompany her investigations and efforts to imagine/glimpse geological time.

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