Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spain (part 8)

Flamenco performers & crowd, Sevilla

In Sevilla I was lucky to experience an intimate, outdoor Flamenco performance and was overwhelmed with the strength, passion and emotion of the art-form. In terms of character and beauty, Sevilla was paradise! I loved walking through narrow streets to observe the colours and textures of the buildings, or along the edge of the river where people were always outdoors exercising (running, biking, skating, tight-rope walking between tree trunks, rock climbing under the old stone bridge, canoeing, rowing and everything in between) or just relaxing in the warm weather and long daylight hours. I found people in Sevilla to be very friendly and even with my linguistic deficiencies I enjoyed meeting some good amigos:

Directly above is Sergio, my room-mate in Sevilla, a fantastic guy from Austin, Texas who was towards the beginning of a whole year travelling around the world - what a great adventure! I had a feeling that this scene reminded me a little of something... I think I might have been inspired by Goya's painting that I saw at the Prado a few days earlier?!

Francisco Goya, "La Maja Vestida (The Clothed Maja)"

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Melissa said...

Thanks for all these posts, I love hearing about your adventure, it's really inspiring. Hopefully i'll be in Spain next year :)


P.S I recently finished the Illustration Academy, It was awesome! :D