Friday, May 10, 2013

ANCA Exhibition Review

The Canberra Times, April 17th, 2013.

I very much enjoyed bring part of the recent ANCA NOW! exhibition, which featured a great variety of quality work by ANCA studio artists. Well respected critic Sasha Grishin published this review of the exhibition (and partner exhibition "Intensity of Purpose: 21 years of ANCA"), including his thoughts on my work: "Annika Romeyn is a young printmaker, primarily a lithographer, who effectively captures dramatic and awe-inspiring landscapes within the sensibility of her chosen technique. It is beautifully resolved work with a long-lasting resonance." (Grishin, 2013)

talking about my work at the Curator and Artists in Conversation event
April 13th, 2013


Kim said...

Thats true about resonance. I keep thinking about your work long after I see it.

Annika said...

Thanks Kim, you are very thoughtful! How are your drawings going?

Kelene said...
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Kelene said...

Congratulations on the ANCA Exhibition! Your work (and you) look great! Keep shining Annika! :-)

Annika said...

Thanks Kelene - you too! All my very best wishes :)