Monday, May 19, 2014

GLINT (Glass & Print) Residency Artist Talk

I am currently enjoying the opportunity to participate in an exciting new residency program offered by Megalo Print Studio and the Canberra Glassworks, including 2 months access to both facilities and the opportunity to collaborate and skill-share between the mediums of glass and print as we work towards a group exhibit at the Glassworks (25th June - 4th August). I have the good fortune of being partnered with glass artist Emilie Patteson and have enjoyed sharing many moments of wonder and curiosity together. 

Annika Romeyn, Mushrooms, lithograph with chine-colle, 34.5 x 43 cm, 2014

Tracking new paths back and forth over the short distance between Megalo Print Studio and The Canberra Glassworks we stumbled upon a fertile new patch of mushrooms emerging on Megalo’s doorstep, which became the starting point of our exploration in new glass and print techniques. The freshly collected mushrooms have so far been observed and preserved in finely drawn stone lithographs, then reduced and released as ash and gas as we burnt and encased them in molten glass. 

collaboration with Emilie Patteson - mushroom burnt inside glass

We are currently immersing ourselves in the minute details of the resulting glass objects, exploring these otherworldly microcosms in a new lithograph, which we are drawing together on the one stone. You can hear more about this and some of our other experiments as we enter the last couple of weeks of our residency by coming along to the GLINT artist talk this Thursday night 6pm in the Megalo Gallery, 21 Wentworth Ave, Kingston, Canberra.

collaboration with Emilie Patteson - drawing from glass objects on lithographic stone (in progress)

heating glass in the glory hole

getting ready to carry a finished object to the annealer to cool down gradually

Emilie & I, hope to see you soon!