Friday, February 6, 2015

Murrumbidgee River

Red Rocks Gorge III 4-2-15: Annika Romeyn, watercolour, 2015, 18 x 25 cm

While preparing for my upcoming exhibition, 'Passage' at Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne (17 March - 11th April) I've been enjoying spending some precious summer days soaking up the inspiring sights and sounds of one of my favourite local painting spots - Red Rocks Gorge (access via the Centenary Trail from Kambah Pools, Murrumbidgee river, Canberra). This week I spent some time mesmerised by the movement of rushing rapids, marvelling at the complex combination of directional flows, falls, recirculation, fingers of foam and shades of bright yellow and orange surging upwards from the depths of the turbulent, tannin-stained water. In another recent field study (below) from the same area I focused in on the waterline and the slow-swirling, ever-changing patterns of foam trailing their way gracefully downstream.  

Red Rocks Gorge II 16-1-15: Annika Romeyn, watercolour, 2015, 18 x 25 cm

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