Monday, June 27, 2011


Imprint, Winter 2011

Hola! As you can see above I am excited to have an artist profile (written by Sue Forster) in the current issue of the Print Council of Australia's magazine Imprint. It's a great publication that I always enjoy reading so it's really an honour to be involved.

Also, I am back in Australia after an absolutely spectacular trip to Spain (for the Embassy of Spain Torres Travelling Scholarship). I don't know how to start describing all the inspiring things that I was able to see and experience, it was really mind-blowing to be able to study so many amazing artworks up close, being able to see every mark and brushstroke helped me to learn a lot and will influence the way that I approach my own work in the future. Being immersed in such a rich, varied and fascinating culture and history was just great! The museums, architecture and national parks were outstanding and I enjoyed meeting lots of fantastic people along the way :) I will endeavour to post some of my sketches and photos over the next few weeks along with some more detailed thoughts & memories from the journey.