Monday, January 5, 2015

Bournda & Mimosa Rocks

Hobart Beach, Bournda 31-12-14: Annika Romeyn, watercolour, 2014, 18 x 25 cm

Hobart Beach, Bournda 1-1-15Annika Romeyn, watercolour, 2015, 18 x 25 cm

Mimosa Rocks 2-1-15: Annika Romeyn, watercolour, 2015, 18 x 25 cm

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to sharing many more interesting opportunities, projects and experiences coming up in 2015 (including an open studio day at A.N.C.A. 28th Feb, a solo exhibit at Flinders Lane Gallery 17 March - 11 April, an artist residency at Hill End throughout November, and a Bonsai/Print collaboration at Megalo Print Studio).

I couldn't have wished for a better way to celebrate the new year than clambering over rocks, studying shells, free-diving, being engulfed by schools of fish and feasting by the campfire with good friends. We spent a few days exploring a particularly beautiful section of the NSW South Coast - camping at Hobart Beach in Bournda National Park and Aragunnu in Mimosa Rocks National Park. Here are the watercolours I made while nestled in the sand or perched upon sharp rocks, as well as some photos of the moments that caught my eye.