Monday, October 27, 2008

book progress

Here is some process on my book project, I am illustrating a fairly long picture book with a story I wrote about a girl who lives beneath an autumn tree. I had a good time with the story board, most of the book is just the girl and the tree so I tried to push myself to experiment with interesting and varied viewpoints. I did one full set of thumbnails then took photo reference and did a second set, although most of the compositions stayed the same you can see how some of them, like this one changed. I am happy with the large drawing, which still needs some work on color, however there are parts of the small sketch that I liked and lost (probably because I chose not to transfer the small sketch, but to draw the final again from scratch, oh well - good drawing practice!).


Charlie G. said...

Awesome work Annika! That is such a cool piece-- I really really like it.
I was sad that I missed you/Jasmin/Will on the phone the other day. It was great to hear your voices. I hope you had a fun time in Sarasota!

Jasmin Mora said...
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Jasmin Mora said...

Gosh, Annika! I love the way you draw. Everything is so subtle but bold in its strength. Really beautiful. This post has got me really really excited to see all the other pages that will soon be born... :]

that grass is incredible. your textures are delicious!

Jamie Pogue said...

Sounds ambitious, and looks beautiful! I miss you guys so much. I have a pun related children's book idea I need to discuss with you guys.

Duncan Barton said...

This is a stunning drawing Annika- great job and good luck with your project!

neily-o said...

wow, you're drawings for this book are fantastic. the values are amazing!

brilliant stuff anika!