Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am really enjoying being home for the holidays and have spent time catching up with family and friends, relaxing and reading, and was happy to make it to a sunny beach! I've found lots of inspiration in a visit to the aquarium as well as a number of exhibitions in Sydney and Canberra including a couple of big ones on Monet and Degas as well as portraits, pacific arts and the best political cartoons of 2008. I've seen a few good movies of which Slumdog Millionare was a standout for its exciting story and rich visuals. In between some planning for a new project here is a little bit of outback in watercolor and colored pencil... thanks for looking & best wishes for the new year!


Raven Herrera said...

Beeeeuuuuutiful, wish i could be there:)

Dan Ferreira said...

Beautiful colors..

Great work!!