Friday, November 5, 2010


watercolour on stretched paper, 210cm x 106cm


Hi everyone :) here is the second of my large watercolour paintings, for this one I begun with a loose wash and placed a plastic drop sheet on top while the wash was drying. I used the abstract texture created by the plastic to suggest the composition and to help integrate figure and ground. The folds of the plastic reminded me of folds and fractures in an icy landscape and influenced my choices as I painted from a small pencil drawing of coral that I  observed under the microscope. 

In continuing to look through the microscope and draw and paint these small natural objects, I am continuing to search for: 

"... a way of looking; of rediscovering... Instead of being yet another explanation of what we have lost, it is an exploration of what we may yet find."
- Simon Schama, Landscape and Memory

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Melissa said...

Hey it's Mel from the VLP

sorry I am totally stalking you but this is just so beautiful!

I checked out your site and really lovely work on there

did you used to live in the USA?