Monday, February 13, 2012

Fitters' Workshop Inquiry

Last week I attended the very official "Future use of the Fitters' Workshop" inquiry at Canberra's Legislative Assembly as a very official 'court artist' on behalf of the fabulous Megalo Print Studio. Here are my impressions of the proceedings:

Megalo board on the left, Vikki Dunne MLA on the right

Witnesses on the left, politicians on the right

Spokesperson for the acoustics, Chris Latham

Megalo Print Studio (where I make all my prints) has long been in search of a permanent home and was due to move into the Fitters Workshop in the Kingston arts precinct this year, however an epic political saga (following protests from groups interested in the acoustic qualities of the empty building) recently brought plans to a standstill. You can read the complete submissions and transcripts from the inquiry etc here, or an entertaining summary of the situation here. If you need convincing that a permanent home for Megalo is the best use for the Fitters' Workshop just look at all the dedicated printmakers in the recent photo (below) who are ready to restore life, energy and creativity to the historic workshop - each and every day of the year! 

photo: Ulli Brunschweiller
Past and present workers outside The Fitters' Workshop

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