Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves, written & illustrated by Annika Romeyn 
copyright © Annika Romeyn 2011
Limited edition of 60 hand-bound books with hand-cut dust jacket, 
printed with archival pigment inks on MOAB Lasal paper.
double-page spread measures 31 x 42 cm

A huge thank you to everyone who came to see my Autumn Leaves book and exhibition, which was recently on display at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka! I'm still recovering from the excitement and effort of finishing my first picture book, but I am extremely proud of the final product and happy to have had the chance to display it alongside the complete set of original drawings. I received lots of wonderful responses and feedback, which will definitely keep me encouraged to pursue publishing opportunities and continue to develop new ideas and stories in the future :) Special thanks also to JUMP Mentoring, Robin Eley, Arjen Romeyn, Aidah Aliyah Rasheed, Allan Comport & Patrick McGuire for their valuable assistance & support at various stages of the project!

To anyone interested in purchasing the book, part of the edition is still available to order, please contact for further info.

Below are a some images of the exhibition, visit CCAS Social Pages for further images & thoughts from the opening night. A selection of the individual graphite and watercolour drawings for the book can be seen on my website.

p.s. book-binding process post coming soon... as always thanks for your interest :)


a.i.m. said...

I wish I could have went!! The display is gorgeous! As is the work of course. The book looks beautiful. I love the words on the walls it adds such a nice touch to the exhibit! Can't wait to buy my own copy =)

Daj'zha Vu said...

It all looks so beautiful! I'm so hapy for you and proud to see you get to this point. It is certainly inspiring. Keep up the amazing work!

Kelene said...

Super congratulations squared Annika! Your art in the book looks fantastic! The exhibition looks like it was beautiful as well. Keep shining hun!

Annika said...

Thank you to some of my favourite ladies for your thoughtful & encouraging feedback! very much appreciated :)

KBAM said...

looking great annika x wish i could have been around to see in person x

Kim said...

Yoooohoo, tomorrow I take delivery of my book!!!!