Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've been interested to try powdered graphite for a while so late last night after watching an amazing piece of filmmaking called "Let the Right One In" I did this drawing of one of the characters using wet and dry powdered graphite on Stonehenge paper.

Also, every sunday I help to teach a family art activity at the Baltimore Museum of Art, I really enjoyed the project this week so I thought I'd share how it turned out. The theme was circus books to go along with the great new circus exhibit at the museum, which features some Matisse and Leger artist books inspired by the circus. I came up with this cool triangular style book by accident while trying to remember how to make something else, but I liked how the cover looked somewhat like a circus tent and could be read page by page or explored as a three dimensional object. 

Here are some not so great photos of a couple of the great books made by kids during the workshop, the book in the bottom left was full of different circus animals like the cute giraffe you can see faintly here!


Carly said...

The drawing is beautiful!

George Livingston said...

Loooove the powdered graphite Annika! You should definitely keep working with it, the drawing is gorgeous.